London Pubs That Serve Real Ale

Bar trends fall out of fashion at the same pace as they become popular. Right now, the old fashioned cask conditioned beer is topping the charts. There are many pubs in London that value cellar craft and also provide a cozy atmosphere along with serving a good enough pint. Here are the top picks from London. The Carpenter’s Arms Located in 73 Cheshire Street, this is one lovely boozer. The best things to come out of this place are ales like the Dorothy Good body and a couple of Adnams bitters. The place has quite an interesting heritage. Two chalk boards list the best beer selection, and the door is the traditional paneling with a cream paint colour. Carpenters Arm has 10 draughts and 55 bottled beers. These are not just local brews but are sourced from all over the world. The Jerusalem Tavern This joint has the look that screams lots of effort and investment. Pubs have been trying to imitate this look for a while now. The best part is that the knackered tables look like they are heavy with centuries’ worth of spilled pints. The whisky scented drinks and the IPAs are all a product of St Peters Brewery from Suffolk. If you want to have a taste of more than just that, get yourself a mini keg of five litres of the most famous brews from the pub and take home. The Southampton Arms This place is located in central London and boasts a big sign outside it that says meat, cider, and ale. This pretty much lets you know what is on offer at the most entertaining pub at Gospel Oak. The interior is a treat, as it makes its patrons feel like they travelled back to 1936. The list of ciders and ale comes […]

Best Pubs in London

It is impossible to turn a corner in London without meeting face to face with an old pub, almost all of them are old and reconstructed. Here are the top notch and must visited pubs in all of London. Cheshire Cheese The Cheshire Cheese has a service element not many can match. The pub faced some damages in the fire of London, but it is still standing and entertaining its patrons. In fact, the place has literally become a landmark for the city of London. Beside the door you will see a name of every monarch who has ever ruled the nation. Lamb and Flag Another pub situated in the convent gardens. The place is noted mostly for its stunning foliage and the traditional charm it holds. The pub has been popular throughout history with patrons such as Dickens and John Dryden from the 17th century. The poet was even murdered near this place. And because of this, the pub owner named the upstairs room after him. And if you visit that place, you will find that you need to escape to that room just to get away from the bustling crowd that gathers way too quickly downstairs. Spaniards Inn If you are touring around London then this is one place you must visit, located in central London. The trek for this Hampstead pub feels a lot like the journey that it is not. It was originally built as a toll booth at the entrance to the Bishop of London’s estate. What you will remember from the place more than the drinks is the dark oak panelling and the bench outside which is significant for reasons that you have to see to believe. Dog and Duck Soho is full of surprises. The pub has some amazing literary associations and this […]

Historic Pubs To Visit In London

There is more to the textbook English experience than having a pint of ale. It’s having a pint of ale in more than a 100-year old pub where the walls could tell you stories. If you think such places are scarce, you would be surprised how much the bustling city is awash with these places. Some of these pubs are from before Shakespeare was born, others are Victorian. Here are some of the best ones. Star Tavern Star Tavern is situated in Belgravia and has gone through its fair share of stoic heeled visitors like Alexander Korda, Diana Dors etc. It was built in the 19th century and is half famed for its role in the episode of 20th century England. Also, the room upstairs is the place where the train robbers schemed their plan of attacking the Mail Service back in 1963. They have a great list of Fullers beer. Grenadier This place was constructed in 1720. Originally an officer’s mess, it transformed into a pub in 1818. It is said that the Duke of Wellington was fond of their refreshments. Some people even say that the place is haunted by a soldier who was murdered there after cheating on a game of cards. French House This establishment in Soho has always played a role in stories on the other side of the channel. Its first land lord was German man and was deported in the World War. In the Second World War, the pub was a meeting place for people in the French resistance. Over the decades, its clientele went from journalist Jeffrey Bernard to the band Madness. The pub still has a Gallic ambience to this day. Seven Stars One of the few places that survived the great fire of London is this pub. One of the […]

Touring In The Streets Of London

Tour Guide Selection Tips When it comes time to select a tour guide for your London sightseeing tour, stop and step back. Do not select the first tour guide that contacts you when you arrive in London. Rather, take the time to select someone that knows the secrets and the hidden shops, those places that most tourists would never find on their own and most tour guides do not bother to provide information about either. There are many outstanding tour guides throughout the city and some of them are very well priced. Yet, price is not everything when it comes to touring the city. You also want to focus on the overwhelming opportunities to experience the culture. Therefore, when selecting a tour guide for your London trip, ask some basic questions before hitting the streets. What will be shown to you? What off the beaten path areas will you get to explore? What makes this tour different from others? Tour Guides And Costs In London You can expect to pay a decent amount of money when hiring a tour guide in London. The costs are often based on numerous things, though. Some tour guides will include the admission costs to any of the museums or specialized locations where there is a fee to be admitted. On the other hand, other tour guides allow you to cover those costs on your own and therefore their fees may be less. Price is an important consideration when selecting a tour guide to hire in the London region. Be sure to ask for prices upfront and note what areas you will be seeing. If these are locations that you can easily find on your own, it may not be necessary to pay for a tour guide, especially if the location is one that offers […]