London Pubs That Serve Real Ale

Bar trends fall out of fashion at the same pace as they become popular. Right now, the old fashioned cask conditioned beer is topping the charts. There are many pubs in London that value cellar craft and also provide a cozy atmosphere along with serving a good enough pint. Here are the top picks from London.

The Carpenter’s Arms

Located in 73 Cheshire Street, this is one lovely boozer. The best things to come out of this place are ales like the Dorothy Good body and a couple of Adnams bitters. The place has quite an interesting heritage. Two chalk boards list the best beer selection, and the door is the traditional paneling with a cream paint colour. Carpenters Arm has 10 draughts and 55 bottled beers. These are not just local brews but are sourced from all over the world.

The Jerusalem Tavern

This joint has the look that screams lots of effort and investment. Pubs have been trying to imitate this look for a while now. The best part is that the knackered tables look like they are heavy with centuries’ worth of spilled pints.

The whisky scented drinks and the IPAs are all a product of St Peters Brewery from Suffolk. If you want to have a taste of more than just that, get yourself a mini keg of five litres of the most famous brews from the pub and take home.

The Southampton Arms

This place is located in central London and boasts a big sign outside it that says meat, cider, and ale. This pretty much lets you know what is on offer at the most entertaining pub at Gospel Oak. The interior is a treat, as it makes its patrons feel like they travelled back to 1936. The list of ciders and ale comes from independent producers and keeps on changing. But what you should be looking out for if you ever get the chance to visit this place is the Sambrooks, Moors, Mighty Oak, and Dark Stars as these are more frequent.


Pineapple at Tufnell Park is the local’s favourite so much that when it was under threat to be replaced by a block of flats the locals put up a campaign and tried to save it. The pub comes with a conservatory as well. The most notable thing about the place is the events that they host like beer festivals.

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